America Ground

'The America Ground' was designed by Ray Smith
It was painted by Jon, Susan Elliott, Pete Thompsett and Benjamin Gough
Hastings Town centre was once part of the sea, It was the Saxon and Norman harbour of the rich and important Cinque Port Town of Hastings. The storms of the thirteenth century destroyed the harbourbut over a period of five hundred years, it was gradually transformed into land. This lay empty until 1800, when enterprising merchants built warehouses, rope-walks and dwellings on the former waste beach, which they occupied until 1835.

At some time in this period, the Corporation of Hastings tried to take control of the area. The inhabitants rioted and raised the flag of the United States of America as a symbol of their independence. Hence the area became known as 'THE AMERICA GROUND'.

Every year the Hastings bonfire society passes by and a declaration is made by the town crier. The Declaration celebrates the people of the America Ground and their spirit of independence, determination and good will.

The project was made possible with support from 'Arts & Business New Partners', Hastings & St.Leonards Town Centre Management, HAS Property Management, South east Arts through the 'Year of the Artist' scheme and Hastings Borough Council