Under Painting

Brighton Festival

St Bartholomew's Church Brighton

Jon was keen to show his latest work in the context of a church, especially since he had recently compiled a series of paintings of Jesus called the Santa Maria del Mar Series. The title also happens to be the name of an imposing church in Barcelona. A place that Jon visited on numerous occasions whilst on a travelling scholarship in 1995. This Gothic church is almost devoid of imagery, unusual when compared to Barcelona's other large gothic churches.

In contrast with the church's exterior, the interior gives an impression of light and spaciousness.

Santa Maria Del Mar Series

Jon wrote the following statement for this exhibition:

'Painting has always been about joy and about sorrow.

The Paintings are an investigation of how appearance is influenced by the addition and subtraction of colour.

Painting is a form of representation and the result of accretion. Or. the outcome of an attempt to paint single, flat objects which have an illusory appearance and which may function as immotive areas in space. What becomes apparent is dependant on that space as an idea. Painting for me is somewhere between a bird and a fly'.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to show in this beautiful church, and would like to thank father Vic and my brother Phil”


Exercise No.7 (a b and c)

He exhibited the following 33 works:

Exercise No.1 and Exercise No.2

Exercise No.4 and Exercise No.6

Exercise No.8 (a and b)

Christopher series ( 3 of the 4 exhibited)

I think that the decision to exhibit 33 paintings was intentional on Jon's part - Philip Cole