Accompanied Caroline to Barcelona where she was to study as part of her MA in European Fine Art. The exchange was organised by Winchester School of Art. Unlike Caroline, Jon was not enrolled on the course, he used his time in Barcelona to research and to paint.

Whilst in Barcelona Jon befriended Phillip Harvey and Andrew Milne-Hume, who were also taking part in the MA exchange course. He photographed several of the works completed during this period which are shown below;

1. Ben & steps of santa maria del mar 2. installation, tent and drawing 3. 40 jc's and steps installation 4. steps of santa maria del mar (close up) 5. installation tent and painting 6. rubbing of studio floor 7.  rubbing of studio floor (close up) 8. installation 9. 40 JC's 10. steps of santa maria del mar

Jon completed 40 JC drawings which were based on postcards sold in churches in Barcelona, especially those from the Santa Maria del Mar church