Write Off

A 2 week workshop with a group of young teenagers with Prader Willi syndrome culminating in an exhibition at 12 Claremont Hastings

There’s something extraordinarily satisfying and deeply challenging about the physical experience of cutting into something, then separating the fragments of a once-conventional structure exposing the inner layers, layers which remain clearly visible against the outside surfaces. The newly exposed edges talk of the violence and struggle encountered during this seemingly doomed process leaving us with alternative forms of expression.

Kenton Lowe and Jonathan Cole infamous for their anarchic artistic approach to their practices collaborated their disciplines of sculpture and painting in this most recent project and joined forces with New Directions, a residential home caring for young people suffering from Prada Willi Syndrome. Ashley Redford, Barry Gore, Emma Harrington, Gregg Wilcox, Ian Dessent, Josh Courtauld, Mark Porter, Nick Walker, Paula Densham, Ryan Keane, Sam Newman and Sanchia Lowejoined Jon and Kenton and through a combination of enthused aggression and exhilarated expression, the space in the Pine Gallery at 12 Claremont in Hastings was transformed to bring together this exciting show entitled ‘Write Off’.

As Tim Cole writes 'the most brutal tool in the kit - the grinder meets the most dangerous object ever created - the car. Part autopsy, part challenge, partly the act of parting, the group concentrate on the task of dividing a car and forging friendships and new skills in the process'.

The Film of the workshop with original soundtrack by Marley Cole can be viewed here:

These photographs document the installation and the exhibition

Philip Cole