RA Final Show

The source of the paintings are mainly biblical. The myth of John the Baptist has greater secular resonance than Christian relevance. He is at the end of an accelerating chapter of history which marks the Christ. The penultimate prophet in the wilderness making clear the way; for the notion of spiritual rebirth. A proclamation, his self, rock and no water and the sandy road, which history has rewarded a new myth of potent male sexuality. Joachim; a cry of dire portent. I have been concerned in these pictures for his mother. Jon wrote this statement for his final show at the Royal Academy Schools.

Jon exhibited the following works:

Tuscan Tree. Fireplace. Wood. Anna& Simeon. Portrait of a Young Man. Portrait of a Young Man. Head of a Young man. John the Baptist and Salome. Baptism. Homage to Origin. Introduction. Nun. Nazarene.