Basement Bash

The Pine Gallery Basement Bash

Saturday 4th September. 11am onwards ...

'A Celebration of the Abundance of Art'

The aim of this event was to introduce Jon and Caroline's plans to transform the basement into the Pine Gallery: A contemporary exhibition, workshop and training space for artists in the centre of Hastings. Their plans featured a gallery, set up and run on a voluntary basis by artists from Claremont Studios. At the same time, Jon and Caroline were working on a proposal for a refurbishment of the basement together with a programme of events including exhibitions, discussion, training and workshops.

For this show, the space was shown in a state of flux as its transformation got underway. For the duration of 'Basement Bash'  the building work, excavations and demolition were momentarily paused and re-arranged.

One stone to another

'One Stone to another'

The film 'One Stone to another' was the result of a collaboration between staff and students from East Brighton College of Media and Arts (COMART), and Downs View School (for children with severe learning difficulties and disabilities), a team of multi-disciplinary artists put together by the education department of Glyndebourne Opera, (led by Stephen Langridge), and musicians from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.

Jon was hired by Glyndebourne to be responsible for all the filming and editing. The film was made from scratch in two weeks. All the images and sounds in the film were composed, created and recorded during those two weeks

“Jon is not only a gifted artist but also his work with artworks gave all of us the confidence that we needed to complete the project. He was an excellent team member, many students seem magnetised by his energy and enthusiasm. The walls of Downs View school are covered with fantastic work that he is jointly responsible for producing.”

“Various students became interested in filming. Some of their shots ended up in the completed film. Digital video cameras were handed around between students during the two weeks. Consequently moving images were shot. checked and used to influence the creative direction of the piece as it developed. Jon, being the open-minded spirit he is was very giving with his talent and equipment. Students quickly became aware that they could suggest shots or edits to Jon and he would accept their ideas as an equal, often Jon would simply hand over the camera.

That could be his motto”.

Tim Dunkerley, Senior Teacher Downs View School – March 2005

Here is the complete film: