Hastings College

Jon was employed as a lecturer on the Foundation course at Hastings college of Art, working under the guidance of Tony Colley.

'Jon was a wonderful lecturer but could simply 'forget' to keep records or hand in marking on time. When Tony Colley retired, Ian Brown took over - he loved Jon but had to relegate him because he still didn't keep records or marks. I came back from retirement and for a few years took Jon's number two roll but we team taught and never ever fell out' - Rod Harman

Art Works

Whilst sharing a studio space in Hastings, Jon and artist Kate Adams began a conversation about how to enable young people, even those with the most complex needs, to make art on their own terms, within their own, individual sphere of ability. This was a simple proposition but illusive as a motive for making art in collaboration with others. It aimed at a kind of record of engagement through mark making, rather than a way of intentionally making art and yet many of the images made have huge vitality, power and aesthetic balance.

Kate Adams - from Anthology PAW 1997 - 2012


Project Paul

In Project Paul, Jon and Kate tested their ideas for 'Art Works' during two ten day residencies in schools for children with severe learning difficulties (SLD): Glyne Gap SLD School in Eastbourne and Hazel Court SLD School in Eastbourne.

Kate Adams - from Anthology PAW 1997 - 2012