The unfinished painting of Richard 'Boyle' Ball left in Jon's studio

The unfinished painting of Richard 'Boyle' Ball left in Jon's studio

Richard 'Boyle' Ball was a keen BMXer who was born, raised and based in Hastings. Jon was introduced to Boyle by Amos Burke and he had spent a lot of time with Amos, Boyle and other BMXers. Jon had often filmed them in and around Hastings. Boyle was tragically killed in a motorbike accident aged only 24. He was much loved in the town and is sorely missed by many. The annual Boyley Jam has become a recognised event in the Hastings Calendar and the Boyley Trust Fund has continued to raise money through events and sponsorship.

Links to the Boyley Jam:       Ride UK BMX    4downdistribution   BBC News

Jon had been working on this picture of Boyley in 2006. He was using a similar process to the one he used for the Mohammed Ali and Third man series. He had planned to give the finished piece to Boyle's parents after it had been finally completed. He was very concerned for them and their loss.

Jon had also drafted a proposal for a large mural of Boyle for a wall in Hastings town centre. The site that Jon had his eye on was adjacent to the pedestrianised area opposite the Street bar/Crypt. A copy of Jon's proposal is included below. It is not known whether he actually sent it to Hastings Council.



The annual BOYLE JAM is the inspiration.

A testament to a young man who died well before any of us would have wished; and a person who is well remembered by generations of people.

Out of such love and regard comes a clear indication of a need for inspired intervention, notably; Hasting’s first public owned mural.

The America Ground’ mural is both popular and commemorative. ‘The Cambridge Road’ mural will be a site for local respect and celebration. - on the entertainment corner, close to the old memorial site.

We feel this is an opportunity to take possession of a local project proposed by a practitioner from the arts community.