Jon was awarded the De Segonzac Travelling Scholarship which enabled him to travel to Italy. He spent a number of weeks in Tuscany and in particular, Sansepulcro where he produced the following new paintings.

From Left to Right and Top to Bottom: 1. Self Portrait (with catapult). (35 x 31cm) Oil on gesso. 2. Untitled. (30 x 42cm) 3. Untitled. (30 x 42cm) 4. Untitled. (?cm)  5. Self portrait (with cross). (34.5 x 28.5cm) Oil on gesso.  6. Tree on a hill. (22 x 32cm) Tempera on paper. 7. Vineyard and Crib. (?cm) 8. Tuscan Landscape. (29 x 61cm) 9. Tuscan Stage. (?cm) 10. Sunset. (30 x 36cm) Tempera on paper. 11. Tuscan Farm. (29 x 36cm) Tempera on paper. 12. Farmyard and Plough. (32 x 40cm) 13. Self Portrait. (34.5 x 29cm) Oil on gesso. 14. Sacrificial Lamb. (29 x 33cm) 15. Scapegoat. (23.5 x 33.5cm)